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Since 2021

With more than ten years of experience with inriver implementations we have developed a strong relationship with the worlds leading product information management SaaS solution. With experience from quick MVP solutions for small one channel customers to large scale multi-year team $1bn+ companies we are ready to tackle anything within the inriver pim sphere.



Since 2021

Partnering with icecat was a simple thing. After integrating two fantastic and large scale customers with icecat we finally understood the power of getting external high quality data into your PIM. We were truly impressed by the simplicity, the excellent taxonomy and top notch support from the icecat staff.

If you are in need of getting product data into your PIM, either as a whole or as a start to further continue the enrichment process icecat has you covered. Images, descriptions, specifications and rich text, you name it, they got it. And that's in over 50 languges.

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