2021 inriver Innovation Labs Hackathon is underway

We are almost one week into the 2120 inriver hackathon and this years. inriver has done an amazing job of defining a problem, supplying the teams with their own environments and detailing the criteria for a well done solution.

Stay tuned for our fantastic solution, which will hopefully be demonstrated at pimpoint later this year.

This year's hackathon is looking for actionable widgets for the upcoming portal widget section for customers to "focus on the right things and take actions". This is a fantastic problem statement, and we at Mad Max Consulting are well underway of incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the new gig economy into one inspiring and futuristic solution.

We look forward seeing all the other partners fantastic solutions and implementations, it's going to be a fun time for us as developers for sure to dive deep into the other teams suggestions.

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